laboratory for personalized molecular medicine

LabPMM GmbH is an ISO 15189:2013 accredited reference laboratory based in Martinsried, Munich, Germany focused on Personalized Molecular Medicine and Personalised Molecular Diagnostics for customers throughout Europe. 


LabPMM is the only reference laboratory licensed to perform testing for FLT3 and NPM1 mutations - these are the most important prognostic biomarkers for karyotype normal Acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Current WHO guidelines include assessment of FLT3 mutation status as a "standard of care" in treatment of AML.


LabPMM provides comprehensive FLT3 mutation testing, as well as testing for the NPM1 biomarker, and provides the only access to a standardized, IP-protected test that consistently determines FLT3 mutation status. FDA clearance of the first targeted therapy for AML that requires FLT3 mutation testing is expected as early as 2015, and LabPMM is currently working toward regulatory clearance of a companion diagnostic product.

Test Menu

Our test menu is limited to biomarkers that have demonstrated clinical utility; tests that provide data and information critical to making informed treatment decisions. These tests conform to a Standard of Care as defined by the World Health Organization and they are recommended by members of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, LeukemiaNet, and other world opinion leaders in hematology oncology. Accordingly, test results generated by LabPMM are relied upon and are determinative of treatment decisions made by physicians in concert with their patients.

FLT3 Mutation Detection


FLT3 ITD Signal Ratio


NPM1 Mutation Detection


IGH Clonality Assay


TRG Clonality Assay


JAK2 Mutation Detection